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Promoting Service Learning in AISA Schools

AISA Service Learning Handbook 2016 FINAL 10May2016AISA is proud to be at the forefront of promoting a culture of service-learning in all AISA member schools. Our member schools are dedicated to preparing their students to be global citizens, engaged and equipped to contribute to their community, be it at the local or global level.

Service-learning is a powerful form of experiential education that allows students to learn by doing. Time spent working on community and environmental projects becomes part of the students “lived” education. Complemented by readings, lectures, reflections and discussions, students become informed, compassionate change-makers.

AISA's vision is to inspire and create a culture of service-learning in member schools across Africa.

AISA Service-learning Professional Development

Throughout every school year, AISA provides learning events for Service Learning Coordinators, educators, leaders and others to develop their knowledge and skills on how to develop and implement a Service-learning programme in their school.

Service-learning 201: 13th - 15th April, 2018


AISA-GISS is a three-day annual summit hosted by an AISA member school.

The summit is designed to bring together a cohort of youth from around the African continent that enables them to share ideas, build relationships, and be empowered as change agents in their schools, communities and the world.

AISA-GISS has become a calendar highlight for many of our AISA member schools as students are awakened to the notion that they can make a difference as they work together to consider and develop solutions for Global Issues.

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Join the AISA Service-learning Community

Do you play a key role in service-learning at your school? Then why not connect with others in the AISA community that share your interest and passion for service-learning.

Join AISA’s Service Learning Community of Practice:

AISA Service Awards

Each year AISA offers a number of awards in an effort to promote and encourage a culture of service-learning within the AISA school community. These awards are open to all AISA Full Member Schools.

For more information on these awards, see the link below.

AISA Service-Learning Resources

NOW Available:

Service Learning Handbook: A step-by-step guide to developing and implementing a service-learning programme in your school.

AISA-GISS Hosting Guide: Your guide to hosting the AISA-Global Issues Service Summit (GISS).