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Blended Learning

AISA SchooLink, part of the World Virtual School Project, provides participating member schools with a reliable and secure Learning Management System, using an open source Moodle platform, which provides:

  1. A blended learning platform: allowing for the combination of internet-based resources and activities to be integrated into the daily practices of teaching and learning
  2. Hosting & back-up support: AISA member schools can host their Moodle instance with SchooLink which provides reliable hosting, back-up and update services out of Europe. This is a significant benefit for AISA schools that may otherwise struggle to find an affordable, reliable solution within their locale.
  3. An emergency platform - allowing schools to sustain their academic programme even if access to the campus is not possible
  4. Networking: AISA SchooLink facilitates collaboration among member school tech directors and coordinators to offer support, share and review progress and discuss issues. In addition to regular online forums, a face to face meeting is coordinated annually.
  5. Collaboration: The AISA SchooLink platform provides opportunities for schools/teachers in the region to collaborate, work on joint projects and share valuable open educational resources as each of their Moodle instances are connected through SchooLink. It also provides the ability for AISA schools to collaborate with schools in other regions. For example, the NESA region organizes a Virtual Science Fair, which is open to schools from all regions. i-Olympiad is another event open to schools of all regions.
  6. Professional Development: The platform also provides opportunities for professional development for teachers in AISA member schools. IB workshops, ASCD workshops and the AERO summer institute are all run using Moodle and teachers registered from different AISA schools can participate in these events through their school Moodle instance.

AISA offers a one year free hosting service for new schools who sign up for SchooLink. For more information on how your school can be part of SchooLink, contact Santha Kumar - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Are you an IT coordinator at your school? Want to collaborate and learn from other IT professionals within the AISA community? Then make the connection.