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Improve Your School Effectiveness with AISA

AISA School Effectiveness Framework 01Sep17 FINALIn order to maximize student learning and to promote professional growth for staff in AISA schools, it is essential that the school functions in an effective manner, providing a stable and supportive environment, and a sound and viable school organization that ensures sustainability in the years ahead – even through the frequent changes in leadership that tend to characterize AISA schools. 

AISA has developed the AISA School Effectiveness Framework (SEF) is to establish a common understanding of school effectiveness in the AISA region and to suggest good practices, structures and resources that will support learning in AISA schools. A key component of school effectiveness is how a school defines learning and builds a coherent curriculum aligned with the guiding statements of the school to ensure mission integrity.  When all components of school decision making and procedures connect back to student learning we build a stronger evidence based learning culture. 

The AISA School Effectiveness Framework will assist you to think about school effectiveness in your own context by considering how learning is defined, and how this definition is used as a scaffold to support the different elements of your school.

AISA School Effectiveness Resources

The concept of school effectiveness is notably broad in scope and certainly open to a wide range of interpretation. This handbook has been developed to provide some definition to what is meant by school effectiveness in AISA schools. It is intended for school leaders, board members, administrators and teacher leaders at all levels of international school organizations.  

The AISA School Effectiveness Framework includes guidance on:

  1. Governance
  2. Planning
  3. Secure Financial Position
  4. Measurement & Data Management
  5. Personnel
  6. Community Engagment
  7. School Improvement Plan/Accreditation
  8. Comprehensive Child Protection Programme
  9. Facilities Management

The Appendecies include many guidance documents and templates.

Download the AISA School Effectiveness Framework here.

ISM Resources

AISA ISM MembershipAISA's partnership with Independent School Management (ISM) gives AISA member schools the opportunity to become members of ISM for a greatly reduced fee. Special AISA member school rates for ISM:

  • Gold Member dues range from US$1,027-$2,623 based on .0002 of annual operating expenses (reduced from .ooo35 of annual operating expenses)
  • Silver member dues of US$500 (reduced from US$881)

To become a member, download this brochure.


AISA School Effectiveness Learning Events

Throughout every school year, AISA provides a number of learning opportunities for school leaders and Boards to strengthen their knowledge and understanding of school effectiveness.

AISA Leadership Conference 2018

ALC2018 includes a number of institutes that are designed to strengthen school governance, these include:

  • Grading and Reporting Student Learning: Understanding the Perspectives of Parents and Families
  • Leading a Strategic Planning, Monitoring and Review Cycle
  • Leading Organizational Transformation
  • Implementing a Child Protection Programme: Develop a Model for your School
  • Managing Allegations and Investigating Abuse: A process to guide inquiries and engage external experts