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AISA Educator Scholarships

AISA wants as many of those working at our member schools as possible to access outstanding professional learning. We recognise that sometimes the costs of event registration and travel in Africa can prevent educators, co-professionals and school leaders attending AISA learning events. With this in mind, AISA is offering a range of professional scholarships that cover the full cost of registration. The participants or their schools will need to cover the travel, accommodation and other associated costs. 

The AISA Professional Scholarships available for 2017/18 are: Ian1

  • Attendance at the AISA Leadership Conference (ALC) - 2 Scholarships
  • Attendance at the AISA Educators Conference (AEC) - 3 Scholarships
  • Attendance at a Professional Learning Institute (PLI) - 4 Scholarships

Scholarship Criteria

  1. Applicants must provide a clear explanation of your learning intentions for your chosen event (up to 200 words)
  2. Applicants must provide an explanation of how attendance has the potential to improve student learning at your school (up to 200 words)

 Applicants from small schools (ie. Schools with less than 100 students) will be given preference.

Applications due August 31st annually.

For more information on how to apply and to complete the online application form.