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Professional Learning at AISA

AISA's vision for Professional Learning is to deliver a world-class professional development programme to international school teachers and leaders across the African continent.

Here at AISA we define professional learning as an ongoing process where adults are empowered to:

  • assess one’s current perspectives and beliefs
  • actively engage in purposeful opportunities with a growth mindset
  • internalize for effective and sustainable change
  • implement new strategies, reflect, refine professional practice and engage in further, ongoing learning

AISA is dedicated to developing a culture where professional learning improves student learning.

AISA established a Professional Learning Working Group (PLWG), formed of teachers and professional learning leaders across AISA member schools, to help drive the development our professional learning program. Informed by AISA initiated research and in alignment to AISA strategic aims, the PLWG works to ensure that AISA's professional learning programme is needs-based, challenging and differentiated.

The PLWG aims to support Professional Learning programs in schools through:

  • Identifying professional learning needs of teachers, school leaders and co-professionals; recognising that all those working in schools  contribute to school effectiveness and school improvement
  • Creating and promoting a varied professional learning programme including face-to-face, online and blended learning options to suit the schedules of busy educators
  • Offering differentiated learning to suit the level of prior experience and expertise of teachers
  • Organising highly focused learning in our Professional Learning Institutes as well as opportunities to explore new ideas and practice in our annual conferences
  • Ensuring AISA teachers have access to the best in the world and can contribute to emerging educational ideas and good practices.

To find out more of the PLWG's work, please email AISA’s Director of Professional Learning, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..