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Our Mission 

AISA is dedicated to transforming student learning by leading and supporting strategic thinking, professional growth and school effectiveness. 

Our Identity

AISA is a collaborative learning community of accredited, internationally-minded schools in Africa, which provides targeted services and relevant resources, facilitates innovative programmes, and connects people. 

Our Core Values

AISA believes that:

  • Being open to differences leads to knowledge and understanding
  • All individuals have intrinsic worth
  • Nurturing is necessary for growth and change
  • Personal fulfilment derives from defining a sense of purpose and making connections through service to others
  • A sense of belonging enables people and communities to thrive
  • All people want to learn, and people learn differently
  • When people work together better outcomes are more likely
  • The development of international-mindedness is fundamental to being successful in an interconnected world

Our Objectives

  • The strategic objectives of AISA, specify that all AISA services, resources and networks exist:
  • To improve student learning
  • To develop and implement strategic thinking and planning in member schools
  • To increase school effectiveness
  • To develop the capacity of all school employees