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Gaining recognition for learning is an important way to communicate to your current and future employer your commitment to continued learning, growth and development. To help you with that, AISA is piloting micro-credentials as an extension of professional learning after the AEC2018. Educators choosing to earn a micro-credential will:

  • Learn about the micro-credential during the Deep Dives
  • Work collaboratively in AISA’s online Community of Practice with others from their Deep Dive
  • Gain support from the Deep Dive facilitator via a post-event, group coaching call
  • Submit their evidence for the micro-credential directly to the evaluation body

There is no cost for the micro-credentials offered.

What are the Benefits for Educators?

Micro-credentials are competency-based, on-demand, personalised recognition for learning that is sharable with colleagues, employers and future employers. They enable educators to show how they have developed as a result of their professional learning, demonstrate how they have progressed through their career and how they embody lifelong learning. Many micro-credentials are free.  Those who earn 3 micro-credentials over 3 years will receive the AISA Professional Learning Award as recognition of their demonstrable professional growth.

What are the Benefits for School Leaders?

Micro-credentials help leaders to achieve their school-wide development goals through independently verified, demonstrable tasks that show how your educators are growing professionally. By earning a micro-credential as an extension to attending a professional learning event, educators can demonstrate the return on investment for the cost of attending. In time, earning a micro-credential will become an expected outcome for those attending professional learning events. The micro-credential will demonstrate how the skills and knowledge gained from a learning event are implemented at school and, thus, verify value for money spent on PD.

Who Issues Micro-Credentials?

AISA is working with Digital Promise to bring a wide range of independently evaluated micro-credentials to our members, many of which are free to use. Digital Promise is working with States, Districts, schools and educators across the US to implement and build incentive structures for micro-credentials. Digital Promise has built an ecosystem of micro-credentials in partnership with issuers, earners, and recognisers to personalise learning for educators. Micro-credentials are a natural extension of the formal and informal learning activities educators engage in every day.

How do Micro-credentials Work?

Digital Promise has designed a framework to guide the development of each micro-credential. This framework ensures that each micro-credential:

  • Focuses on a single competency
  • Has a key method that is backed by research
  • Requires the submission of evidence
  • Includes a rubric or scoring guide

Earning a Micro-credential

Once educators have selected the micro-credentials they wish to earn, they develop the required evidence and submit it through the online platform. Each micro-credential requires evidence such as:

  • A project or lesson plan, including evaluation guides or scoring rubrics
  • Student work samples
  • Text, audio, or video of a classroom interaction
  • Text, audio, or video of a teacher reflecting on the challenges faced and lessons learned while planning and teaching
  • Text, audio, or video of a student reflecting on their learning
  • Classroom observation results

An expert reviewer or educator who has already earned this micro-credential will review the evidence using the rubric and scoring guide in the micro-credential and provide feedback. If the educator has successfully demonstrated their competence, they will be awarded the micro-credential in the form of a digital badge. This badge can be shared with administrators or colleagues  and added to our CV. Should the educators’ evidence not demonstrate competence, the educator will receive feedback and be invited to try again.

To power our micro-credential system, Digital Promise has developed a platform that creates a seamless browsing experience for educators who are seeking competency-based recognition. Educators can begin exploring and applying for micro-credentials on the Digital Promise Platform.

Start exploring micro-credentials today.


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