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AISA is dedicated to transforming student learning by leading and supporting professional growth, good governance, strategic thinking, and the wellbeing of the entire AISA community of schools.

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Host an AISA PLI at Your School

AISA welcomes applications from all Full Member schools to host a Professional Learning Institute (PLI). If you are planning a Professional Learning event for teachers at your school, you can open this up to participants from other AISA schools. Or, if you want to bring an internationally recognised expert to your school, but are concerned about the costs involved, inviting participants from other AISA member schools can generate revenue to offset some of the costs involved in the event.

The advantages of hosting an AISA Professional Learning Institute (PLI)

  • An opportunity to bring a variety of educators together, from your school and other AISA member schools, who are interested and committed to the same aspect of professional learning and can establish links and networks.
  • For every participant from another AISA school, the host school receives approximately $335 in registration fees
  • *Note that the Host School will be in charge of paying for all costs related to the PLI and the facilitator. Opening up the PLI to other AISA schools will help reduce the costs and has the advantage of encouraging networking and collaboration between AISA education professionals.
  • AISA manages the online registration and fee collection 
  • AISA assists with marketing and promotions for the event 

Interested? Some Considerations

Learning Criteria

The host school’s educational philosophy must be aligned with AISA’s mission

Characteristics of an AISA PLI

  • Aligns with AISA’s philosophy of the value of individual professional learning, growth and reflection
  • Links to the AISA Professional Learning Framework
  • Runs over two to four days (generally over a weekend)
  • Offers deep, personal learning on a specific topic or aspect of practice
  • Involves an experienced, highly recognized facilitator in the area of topic
  • Takes place on the school site (or alternative by mutual agreement)
  • Involves at least 5 participants from the Host School as well as those from other AISA member schools
  • Limits admittance to only AISA school members or AISA’s sister regional educational organisations
  • Uses AISA’s online registration and fee collection systems for PLI participants outside the Host School
  • Charges the standard registration fees used across the AISA PLI Programme
  • Generates typically US$335 for the Host School for each participant from other schools
  • Commits to administering the Professional Learning Impact Measure survey to participants (on-site during the PLI, 30 days later and 60 days later—links will be provided to Host School)
  • Complies to the standard Terms and Conditions of AISA PLIs

Host School Selection Criteria

The Host School has

  • An event manager—someone who can oversee the organization and be at the entire workshop troubleshooting
  • An airport easily accessible by major airlines
  • A timely, efficient and affordable visa process
  • An available workshop space/venue to suit needs on site:
    • Up to 30 participants per group
    • Wifi
    • Speakers, data projector and screen
    • Flip chart, paper and markers
    • Stationary materials for participants (pad of paper, pencils, sticky-notes)
  • Catering options available for large groups
  • Hotels for participants to choose from close to the venue
  • Transportation between the hotel and school/venue
  • Transportation for participants between the designated conference hotel and school/venue
  • Detailed safety and security procedures in place at school
  • Public liability insurance covering visitors form other schools
  • Local account to front costs and a designee to manage finances and communicate with AISA
  • Technology support, maintenance cleaning personnel available throughout the PLI
  • Backup plans for the loss of power and water (generator etc.)

AISA will

  • Support the Host School with planning and logistics
  • Promote and market all PLI’s to our community of AISA schools
  • Manage the online registration and fee collection process
  • Liaise with visiting institute participants to arrange transfer times from the hotel to school
  • Provide survey feedback to the Host School on the logistics and the Facilitator

Next Steps

  1. Complete the online application form by 30th April 2020.
  2. The AISA Professional Learning Working Group will assess applications against the criteria listed above and inform schools of the decision.
  3. If you have any questions please contact Graham Watts, Director of Professional Learning Graham Watts


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