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AISA is dedicated to transforming student learning by leading and supporting strategic thinking, professional growth and 
school effectiveness.

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AISA Communities

Welcome to the Association of International Schools in Africa (AISA) online Communities of Practice.  AISA members can browse and request to join any of our CoPs.

Private groups

AISA AP Coordinators

AISA Blended Learning

AISA Child Protection Discussion Group

AISA DP Community

AISA Health Officers

AISA Human Resources Forum

AISA IB Programme Community

AISA IGCSE Coordinators

AISA MYP Community

AISA Professional Learning Coordinators

AISA PYP Community

AISA Service Learning Practitioners

AISA Small School Heads

AISA Solo Heads

AISA Student Support Service Coordinators

AISA Tech Support

AISA Technology Coaches

AISA Wellbeing Community

Athletic Directors and PE


Curriculum Coordinators

Drama Teachers

Executive and Admin Assistants

Facilities Management

Finance and Business Officers

Foreign Languages


Language Arts

Library and Media

Music Teachers

School Operations Managers

Special Education

Supporting Diverse Learners


Visual Arts

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The AISA Communities of Practice

These online communities are open to all staff in AISA member institutions. AISA’s online Communities of Practice (CoPs) will support your networking, communication and professional development activities with colleagues in our schools throughout the region. The CoPs will enable you to connect and collaborate with your colleagues across Africa. To ensure you get the most of your participation please read the AISA CoP Tips.

Browse and join online communities of practice

If you are an AISA member, you should be able to sign in to this site. When you are signed in, you can see a list of "Restricted groups" on the site home page. You are free to browse and join those groups.


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