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  • 17 August 2018 09:49 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    AISA is delighted to announce our new Webinar Series, live on the last Wednesday of each month. These are different to many other webinars, as each follows an interview format with a host asking questions of the guest/s to create a lively, interactive discussion. The topics explored will focus on both personal and professional growth, with the first topic being “Top Tips for New Arrivals”.

    Registration is free of charge for members.

    Date: 29 August 2018


    • GMT      16:00
    • WAT      17:00
    • CAT        18:00
    • EAT        19:00

    To Register in advance, visit:

    After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

    Webinars will be posted on the AISA Facebook page after live broadcast.

  • 17 August 2018 09:23 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The Hand Out Project at the International School of Kenya (ISK)  is a student led club that uses 3D printing technologies to create mechanical prosthetic hands for individuals who need them in underprivileged communities. The club is part of a larger global network known as Enabling the Future (ENABLE). Member groups of this network, which are set up in different locations worldwide, are known as chapters. In early 2017, we 3D-printed our first prototype prosthetic hand and shared it with engineers at ENABLE, resulting in our club becoming the first and currently only ENABLE chapter in East Africa.

    Recently, Hand Out joined another service club, Operation Cure, on a service learning field trip to CURE Kijabe Paediatric Hospital. During the trip, the students visited the prosthetic engineering department, one of the only ones in Kenya, where they were able to show some of their prosthetic prototypes to experts in the field and learn more about the needs and challenges faced by the hospital and its patients. During the course of the visit, the club learned about Paul, a 5 year old boy from Nyeri, who tragically lost his hand in an accident involving farming machinery. The experts at CURE Kijabe referred Paul as a possible candidate for a Hand Out prosthetic hand.                       

    The Hand Out club arranged for Paul to come from Nyeri to visit us at ISK, accompanied by his mother Beatrice, and established that he could be supplied with an elbow powered prosthetic. In order to print the correct sized prosthetic, measurements were taken using a measuring tape, a 3D scan and scaled photographs of his arm. In addition, a cast of the limb was taken enabling the students to take further measurements and test printed products against a life-sized model without Paul having to make frequent trips to ISK.  Paul then had an opportunity to choose the colours for his new hand. After some lengthy deliberation he chose a combination of the red, yellow and blue - great bright colours for a little boy!                 

    Over the next couple of weeks students from Hand Out worked diligently on the construction and customization of the 3D printed hand for Paul. Students printed out all the parts needed to construct the prosthetic and they assembled the arm to ensure it fit the measurement constraints and the mould taken.

    Last week, Paul came to pick up the prototype together with his whole family including his older sister. He could not wait to test it. Within the first 5 minutes he was able to pick up various objects, which was amazing for all of us to see! This is the prototype that he will be testing and providing ISK feedback on the design and construction. ISK students will then use this information to modify the final hand. During Paul’s visit, the students already noticed a couple of changes that need to be made:

    • more foam for the upper arm area
    • shorten the wrist
    • change angle of the wrist to allow for better gripping

    He plans to come back in early June for the final fitting.

    As a side project there are also a couple of students who are experimenting with the addition of electronics and sensors into the hand. At the moment they are focusing on integrating a waterproof flashlight into the palm. In many parts of rural Kenya electricity is scarce and having rechargeable waterproof light would be of great help.              

    Since Paul is young and growing quickly, he will have to come back for regular fittings and updates for the prosthetic. Here the true benefit of 3D printing is apparent. Students can continually customize the prosthetic to match Paul’s growth rate. Furthermore, this can be done at a cost of only $30- $50 per prosthetic hand, compared to the $1200 Paul was quoted from the hospital. Hand Out is committed to a life-long partnership with Paul, therefore it is imperative that the club continues to grow and maintain active members.                                                                       

    If you are inspired by Paul's story and would like more information about the club and Paul's journey please visit the club website

    Maciej Sudra - Design Teacher at the International School of Kenya

    Denzil Mackrory - Physics Teacher at International School of Kenya

  • 14 August 2018 10:39 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    SPECIAL OFFER FOR AISA MEMBERS ONLY now additionally serves as an international marketplace, connecting all your favourite brands to over 260 International American and British curriculum schools worldwide.  

    Register with us online and start building your order today!

    • Place your first multi-vendor order over us$25,000 with EquipMySchool and receive US$1,000 cash back. 
    • New and current clients receive $2500 cash back for new multi-vendor orders over $50k placed on our website with a 10 week lead time from delivery.
    • New and current clients utilizing our web purchasing platform for orders totaling $300K or more with a minimum 9 week lead time will receive $8000 cashback.
    These offers are only good for AISA members, cannot be combined and are good only for a single use.
  • 14 August 2018 10:37 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Name: Andrew Schmidt 

    Location: US based – South Carolina

    Role: US Director and Partner

    1.       Introducing Andrew

    I joined EquipMySchool in 2012, opening the US branch in Charleston, South Carolina.  I trot the globe checking in on our clients, facilitate all their needs and oversee US branch operations.

    An Eagle Scout with a Russian History and Business Management degree, Andrew joined the team in 2012, opening the US branch of EquipMySchool.  A unique sales force unto himself, Andrew trots the globe checking in on clients and also oversees US branch operations.

    In off duty hours, when not preparing gourmet dinners for friends, Andrew enjoys practicing kajukenbo, a mixed martial art, and riding his motorcycles.  He and his wife live in Charleston, South Carolina.

    2.       What does EquipMySchool do?  

    As a purchasing agent for over 260 International American and British curriculum schools worldwide, EquipMySchool works directly with our large network of partner suppliers to source and consolidate everything for your academic year.   Everything from your playground equipment and gym flooring to your Halloween decorations, and of course every book, chair, laptop, table and paintbrush... basically, if you were to turn one of our schools upside down and shake it out, everything that tumbles out is something we have supplied.  We ensure all materials are in perfect condition and carefully consolidate them for international shipping, packaging them out by classroom, so that the unloading of your goods is as fluid as possible. We handle all freight and customs processes and ensure the timely arrival of your goods. One shipment, one invoice; on time, every time!

    Quick, easy, convenient: we consolidate while you educate!

    3.       What are you best at doing? i.e. What problems/challenges do you solve for our schools?

    If the customs processes are notoriously difficult in your country, our years of experience with Customs will ensure your materials are delivered safely and on time, every time.  

    We love a challenge, and have satisfied clients in countries with some of the most challenging customs processes, including Eritrea, the DRC, Angola, Nigeria, Uganda, Egypt, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Morocco, Zambia, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Niger, Burkina Faso, Tunisia and Liberia.

    4.       How are you uniquely placed to support AISA member schools?  

    EquipMySchool’s dedication to boutique service at scale will exceed your expectations.  Every item on your list is triple checked for quality control before leaving its originating country, mindfully consolidated to withstand rough transport while conserving costly space, and speed through all freight and customs processes by our team. We also source all the items on our clients lists rather than just settling for what's easily available.  Best of all, we operate within the margins provided by our volume purchasing power, so you receive curriculum materials at the pricing you would in your home country.

    5.       Most memorable Africa experience?

    On our way from the AISA conference to the ISK school tour, our visit was pretty much cut short before it began.  Our driver (ferrying a busload of leaders and associates) evaluated floodwater rushing across a city block… and gunned forward.  As the dark water rose up the steps of our bus, we stalled out in the middle of the rising current. Trash began to whirl outside the bus windows and local residents appeared from surrounding apartment complexes to check out the bus full of trapped mzungu.  Negotiations for our extrication began… as well as theories as to what might happen if we remained stuck in the rising water. After some rile and a discounted price, pants were rolled up and our bus was pushed free.

    When we arrived at school, they’d even saved us some wine.

    6.       What do you always travel with/top travel tips?  

    My international motorcycle license, a fistful of battery packs and boundless optimism.  Always eat the local yogurt first upon arriving. Don't pass up a street vendor with a long line. Always try to find out where the locals go for fun. Our world is a spectacular place, full of endless possibilities!

    7.       Is there a special offer you could provide ASIA schools this month? now additionally serves as an international marketplace, connecting all your favourite brands to over 260 International American and British curriculum schools worldwide.  Register with us online and start building your order today!

  • 14 August 2018 10:30 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Welcome to the first AISA member spotlight, a place where we highlight some of the talented and interesting people working in our member schools. We hope you enjoy getting to know the AISA community.

    Name: Megan Bagdonas

    School: American International School of Lagos (Nigeria) 

    Role: Grade 5 classroom teacher

    1.       What is the best thing about living in Lagos

    Lagos is a giant melting pot of African culture with vibrant energy. There is always something happening - be it art shows, music performances, food festivals, or sailing regattas. Sometimes it's not always easy to find, but it's always there if you look.

    2.       What is unique about your school

    Lagos life can feel a bit hectic, frenzied and frustrating at times, but I think our staff does an excellent job of being there for each other - not just for school issues - but mental health issues. I felt welcomed from the beginning and try to pass that on to new staff. We don't compete against each other, we look after one another. 

    3.       Briefly describe your journey into international education

    I was originally a newspaper journalist. I was awarded a research fellowship to study in Tanzania for a year and I fell in love with this continent - it's variety, it's landscape, it unique (and sometimes puzzling) outlook on life. I vowed to try and find a way to stay. Teaching came naturally, and I worked at various schools in South Africa and Mozambique before deciding to make teaching abroad my life career and got a Masters in Education to work in major international schools.

    4.       Favourite Book, Movie or TV series

    Book: Cloud Atlas (David Mitchel)

    Movie: La Vie en Rose (biopic on French singer Edith Piaf's)

    TV Show: Modern Family, of course (My father and brothers work on the show!)

    5.       Personal or professional goal for the next 12 months

    Honestly, it keeps changing. I once wanted to get back to teaching higher level IB courses in the humanities, but am now really loving teaching 5th grade! I would like to move more into helping organize international trips, and perhaps get more involved in coaching.

    6.       Favourite destination and why

    I love Mozambique for it's expansive and varied coastline and all the fantastic islands. Also, they have the best prawns in the world!

    7.       Work-life-balance - best tips? what works for you?

    Make your home a place of beauty and a respite from the chaotic world around you. Create a space that smells lovely, looks as enticing as you are, and make your bed a heavenly dream. Sleep is so important! Take time to decorate and add flourishes that will make you proud of your living space. Think of your home as your foundation, or a showcase for the life you've earned and created for yourself. 

  • 06 June 2018 08:35 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    AISA is delighted to announce the following student award winners for 2017/18.

    Keep an eye on the AISA website as we feature some of the stories of these remarkable students. Well done!

    Student Service Leader   

    •  Daisy and Cassandra Owei (American International School Cape Town)
    • Sara Hulda Compaore (International School of Ouagadougou)
    • Ella Blanchard (International School of Kenya)

    Outstanding Service Project

    Grand Prize

    • Hustle to Oasis (H2O) (Lincoln Community School - Ghana)
    Secondary Prize
    • Rhodia Mann Museum of Samburu Art and Culture (International School of Kenya)
    • Knitted Knockers (International School of Tanganyika)
    • Blessings School Renovation Project (American International School Lusaka)

    AISA Award for Excellence

    •  Omnia Alzain (Khartoum American School)
    • Amanda Awoenam Bosso (Ghana International School)
    • Emma Olson (American International School Lusaka)
    • Josephine Kabange  (The American School of Kinshasa)
    • Abdelwahab  Nasreldin Babiker (Khartoum International Community School)
    • Aayush Agrawal (Lincoln Community School – Ghana)
    • Evelyn Manyatta  (International School Moshi)
    • Jana Jovcheva (International School of Kenya)
    • Yomni Makonnen Makonnen (International School of Uganda)
    • Zara Franceschi (International School of Tanganyika)
    • Lorena Edah (International School of Ouagadougou)
    • Daniel Hodeta (International Community School of Addis Ababa)
  • 06 June 2018 06:24 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    AISA is delighted to announce the 10 finalists for the 2017/18 annual Art Challenge:

    See their beautiful artwork in the online album here.

    1. Hannah Peffer, Age: 15 years old, American International School of Cape Town
    2. Annie Hsu, Age: 18 years, American International School of Cape Town
    3. Eva Dixon, American International School of Johannesburg
    4. Fardor Tulaganov, Fatma Said, Sitti Mwinyi: Age 11, 11 & 12, Dar es Salaam International Academy
    5. Sakina Karim, Age 15, Dar es Salaam International Academy
    6. Kennedy Kimanzi Kyalo, Age 13, Ibadan international School
    7. Jenna McClure, Age 12, American International School of Abuja (Nigeria)
    8. Shawn Mwenge, 17 years, St Andrew’s Turi
    9. Christine You, 16 Years, St Andrew’s Turi
    10. Louis-Andre Meffre, 14 years, AIS Lagos

  • 06 June 2018 06:09 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    AISA is excited to announce a new opportunity for six school counsellors’ in AISA full-member schools to take part in a one-year online consultation pilot program facilitated by the Truman Group, see:

    Counselling is a rich and rewarding profession, but it is also challenging. Consultation offers counsellors' the opportunity to receive professional and emotional support that is important for self-care as well as offering timely, objective feedback which will improve your skills and effectiveness as a counsellor.

    AISA will establish two consultation groups, each with 3 counsellors', which will be facilitated by James Rosow from the Truman Group. Each group will meet for approximately one hour, twice per month for the full 2018/19 academic year.

    To have the opportunity to participate in this no-cost pilot programme, simply complete the following application form. As this opportunity is limited to six counsellors’, preference will be given to smaller, low resourced schools.

    If you would like more information about the programme, or are interested in a fee-paying service for your school, please contact me at

    Applications are due on June 15th. We hope to announce the groups by the end of the month.

    Apply Here:


  • 05 June 2018 10:45 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Welcome to my last update for the 2017/18 school year. At AISA we know that as educators, you strive for excellence every week of the year in all aspects of what you do for the students in our schools. As the school year winds to a close for many of our members, we want to take a moment to say thank you for being an AISA member. I wish you all a very restful break and look forward to seeing you all next year. Well not quite all…

    We must say goodbye to some of our outgoing heads and hello to the incoming heads joining us next year.

     Name of the School

    Incoming School Head

    Outgoing School Head

    Harare International School

    Arden Tyoschin

    John Gates

    Asmara International Community School

    Greg Hughes

    Colin Webster

    Childrens International School

    Not Yet Known

    Mark McLuckie

    American International School of Lomé

    Not Yet Known

    Daphne Neal

    Iringa International School

    Not Yet Known

    Joan Cullen

    American International School of Nouakchott

    MaryAnn Przekurat

    Jerry Craig

    American International School of Brazzaville

    Not Yet Known

    Terry Howard

    I’d like to make a special mention of our REO from the Office of Overseas Schools – Mary Russman, who will also be moving on at the end of this year. Mary, I know all our A/OS schools join me in thanking you for all you have done for the Africa region. We also welcome Tom Shearer who will take on the REO’s responsibilities for the AISA region next year. Tom, as an experienced Africa hand, we warmly welcome you back to AISA.

    I’d also like to thank the AISA Board of Directors and the terrific AISA Team who have worked so hard to ensure our programmes and services remain at a high quality and continue to serve your needs.

    Finally, 2018 marks a full decade that I have been working for AISA. The AISA Board has generously agreed that I can take a short sabbatical from May 28th – August 24th to reflect and revive as we enter into our 50th year. During my time away, Graham Watts ( will be acting Executive Director. In the event of an emergency he will be able to contact me.

    All the best.

    Dr Peter Bateman

    AISA Executive Director

  • 22 May 2018 15:19 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The 2019 AISA-GISS shall take place on the  17th - 19th January 2019 at The International School of Tanganyika, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. 

    AISA-GISS provides delegates with opportunities to strategize solutions to global issues, meaningful sessions and stories about positive change happening here in Africa, and the support for taking action and engagement in their own communities.

    More information to follow.


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