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AISA PL Programme Champions Wellbeing In Schools

04 September 2020 11:44 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

COVID-19 has created massive uncertainty for schools throughout the world. AISA member schools across Africa are no exception. Meticulous planning and committed support are needed to overcome threats to the health and wellbeing of all staff.

The Online Staff Wellbeing Toolkit

With that in mind, AISA is partnering with an Australian based organisation, the National Excellence in School Leadership Institute (NESLI), to offer member schools an Online Staff Wellbeing Toolkit, a self-paced programme which assists people to proactively manage their wellbeing and provide strategies for schools to support each other.

To assist with the implementation of this unique programme, AISA is facilitating a Practice Group to support those executing the Toolkit at their schools; the Toolkit Leader. AISA aims to ensure that group members collaborate with their peers, learn from each other and are set up for success as they lead the rollout at their school.

The Desired Outcomes

  • To have individuals take a proactive approach to their wellbeing and develop resilient mindsets and behaviours that will see them through challenging times.
  • To enable professional communities to collaborate and effectively support each other.
  • To contribute towards improved student performance by enhancing staff engagement, wellbeing and connectivity.

How The Programme Works

  • The Online Staff Wellbeing Toolkit is facilitated by one of the school’s staff using the resources provided by NESLI and with the support of the AISA Practice Group.
  • The programme comprises 5 modules containing a 15-minute introductory video followed by a 45-minute peer learning session.
  • Additional material is provided for staff who may want to explore topics in greater depth.
  • Each school nominates a staff member to act as the Toolkit Leader. His/her role is to facilitate the peer learning sessions and provide support. Ideally, staff should undertake the programme in small cohorts of 10 or less. Larger schools may want to nominate several staff members to take up the role of Toolkit Leader.
  • The Staff Wellbeing Toolkit utilises robust evaluation tools that measure both wellbeing and social capital before and after its application.
  • AISA’s Practice Group will provide additional support to Toolkit Leaders via an online community, monthly webinar check-ins, plus more.
  • There is no fee to join the AISA School Well-being Practice Group, but schools must pay for access to the NESLI resources prior to joining the Practice Group.

The programme, suitable for all staff, is aimed at schools rather than individuals, and requires a minimum of 5 registrants per school.

Only one person per school must apply, preferably the head of school. The deadline for registration and payment for the NESLI Toolkit is 18 September 2020.

To join the AISA Practice Group, please complete the application form by going to

For any further details don’t hesitate to contact AISA’s Chanel Worsteling.

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