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AISA Service Award Application Form: Student Service Leader

Nomination Guidelines

Each AISA Full Member school is invited to nominate a student/group of students each year to be considered for this award.

  • The deadline for submission of your school nominee is February 1st
  • Award recipients will be confirmed at the AISA Board meeting in March
  • A plaque and a letter will be sent to the school head to be presented to the award recipient at the school year-end ceremony.


1. School Details

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Staff Contact Person(*)
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2. Student Details

Given Name(*)
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Family Name(*)
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Student Grade(*)
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Supervising Teacher(*)
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Brief description of the student’s achievement(*)
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(to be completed by the service project supervising teacher)

What makes this student’s achievement stand out?(*)
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How does the student’s service project integrate within the school’s wider service learning program?(*)
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What learning outcomes were met by the student?(*)
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Describe the results of the student’s effort.(*)
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How does the service project promote an appreciation and understanding of Africa?(*)
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(to be completed by the student)

Present a reflection of your efforts and achievements. You can use your preferred media to demonstrate and share your service project.

Here are some guiding questions to inspire your reflection. They are provided as a guide only, not every question must be responded to:

  • What did you do?
  • Why did you choose this activity?
  • What was the service activity need and objective?
  • What were the learning outcomes for you and other people? Impacts? Implications?
  • Did you reach your objectives? Why or why not?
  • What difficulties did you encounter in the planning and execution of your project? How did you overcome them?
  • How did the community respond? Was this the response you anticipated? How did you feel about this?
  • What did the service activity mean to you?
  • What values have you developed?
  • How have you changed? How have the other people involved changed?
  • While working on the service project, I felt (don’t start with “that”)...
  • While working on the service project, I was...
  • While working on the service project, I thought...
  • While working on the service project, I believed...
  • While working on the service project, I wondered why...
  • While working on the service project, I remembered...
  • While working on the service project, I learned...
Your efforts and achievements(*)
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Please also upload and photos related this project that would further illustrate your above answers.(*)
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