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AISA Leadership Coaching Programme

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Being a school leader can be an isolated role, which in our region is sometimes carried out in isolated locations. The AISA Leadership Coaching Programme will help to connect leaders across the AISA region, encourage high-level professional dialogue and ensure participants have the opportunity to think strategically. Coaching is different from mentoring or advising. Coaching involves mediated cognition; supporting the coachee to think through their ideas, challenges and plans and to reach conclusions by themselves. Coaching draws on the coachees inner expertise and previous experiences to find clarity and vision and a strategic pathway forward. Business leaders in many parts of the world already have access to coaches and now AISA is developing this facility for our school leaders. 

Want to get involved? 

isl logo1Why not join us online for some introductory Discover and Explore Webinars with Coaching Expert, Dr Joanne Robinson, Executive Director of the International School Leadership (ISL). These are being facilitated over the next few months to explore what the roles of Coach and Coachee involve.

This programme is open to those in senior leadership roles in AISA member schools. Leaders can choose one role or both. Those interested in becoming coaches, will be required to attend the Coaching Deep Dive at the 2017ALC next March in Johannesburg to gain the expertise required to facilitate this role. Those seeking coaching need not attend any prior professional learning. 

There is no charge to AISA School leaders to participate in these introductory Webinars. The AISA Leadership Coaching Programme will formally be launched at the 2017ALC.

For more information on how to get involved contact our Director of Learning, Graham Watts on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

AISA Online Webinar 2: Being Coached

Leaders with influence are recognized for their growth mindset. They’re lead learners who inspire learning in others and model continuous improvement. In the second webinar with Dr Joanne Robinson, participants will explore their own growth mindset and the concept of ‘open to learning conversations’ with an experienced leadership coach. What is the professional value to me of being coached ? How do we ask the questions that get to our learning needs? What does coaching for development rather than coaching for performance look like? How can we make our coaching relationships a priority in our busy lives?

Feb 7th 2017 at 14:00 GMT/15:00 West Africa/ 16:00 Central Africa/ 17:00 East Africa 

Register with gwatts@aisa.or.ke