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Child Protection

The role of schools in child protection is to promote the safety, welfare and wellbeing of children and young people.

Child protection in schools is about recognising that every member of staff has a responsibility to safeguard its students. It’s also about schools creating an environment where each child can learn and grow in a safe, nurturing place. Child protection must, therefore, be a priority for every school.

AISA's vision for Child Protection: To support schools to build and maintain a proactive environment that protects children by either preventing child abuse before it occurs or by ensuring its earliest possible detection, intervention and reporting.

AISA established a Child Protection Working Group with the aim of supporting member schools to strengthen their child protection standards and policies. The current 7 member team, led by Natasha Winnard of Khartoum International Community School, is comprised of representatives from the American International School of Mozambique, International School of Tanganyika, American International School of Lagos, Lincoln Community School, International School of Lusaka and International School Kenya.

The AISA Child Protection Working Group works to support schools in strengthening their policies and systems by:

  • Raising awareness
  • Developing curriculum resources and policy guidelines
  • Building a network of child protection specialists within the AISA community
  • Training teachers and school leaders
  • Supporting the work of the International Task Force on Child Protection

Child Protection Resources

AISA Child Protection Resources:

AISA has developed a number of resources to help your school strengthen your child protection policies and procedures. These are free for you to adapt and utilise according to the context of your school.

AISA Child Protection Handbook 2016 edition

AISA Child Protection Handbook Curriculum Guidance

Building & Using Multidisciplinary Teams for AISA Schools

AISA Model for Adult Education on Child Protection – Guidelines and resources to help your school develop effective prevention interventions that focus on the adults in our schools.

AISA Child Protection Handbook Appendices March 2017 – Guidelines on how to develop multidisciplinary teams, including external partners, as part of a comprehensive child protection school program



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