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Support Your School Child Protection & Well-being Programme with AISA

Child Protection Badge 1 CMYKThe role of schools in child protection is to promote the safety, welfare and well-being of children and young people.

AISA's vision for child protection is to support schools to build and maintain a proactive environment that protects children by preventing child abuse before it occurs and ensuring its earliest possible detection, intervention and reporting.

Every AISA member school is committed to keeping children safe and providing an environment that is nurturing, and fosters the physical, social and emotional well-being of its students.

AISA has provided leadership in this area by developing resources and ongoing learning opportunities that keep our member schools up-to-date with evidence-based best practice child protection and well-being programming.

For more information on how AISA can support your school child protection and wellbeing program, contact AISA’s Child Protection Lead, Chanel Ryall: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Join the AISA Child Protection Community

Do you play a key child protection role at your school? Perhaps you are the Child Protection Coordinator, or School Counsellor, then why not connect with others in the AISA community that share your interest and passion in child protection and the promotion of well-being.

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Child Protection Resources

AISA Child Protection Resources:

AISA has developed a number of resources to help your school strengthen your child protection policies and procedures. These are free for you to adapt and utilise according to the context of your school.

AISA Child Protection Handbook 2016 edition

AISA Child Protection Handbook Curriculum Guidance

Building & Using Multidisciplinary Teams for AISA Schools

AISA Model for Adult Education on Child Protection – Guidelines and resources to help your school develop effective prevention interventions that focus on the adults in our schools.

AISA Child Protection Handbook Appendices March 2017 – Guidelines on how to develop multidisciplinary teams, including external partners, as part of a comprehensive child protection school program