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With nearly 50 years of experience in supporting the various needs of international schools in Africa, AISA has developed a number of programmes  and service’s in areas of strategic importance to our member school community.

In response to AISA initiated research and the express needs of member schools, AISA’s programmes, resources and services are offered to enable your school to reach your individual goals and be responsive to your unique context.

Child protection must be a priority of every school. AISA has established a Child Protection Working Group that has produced resources and guidelines to help your school strengthen your child protection systems and policies.

AISA is proud to be at the forefront of promoting service learning in Africa. The AISA Service Learning Working Group was established to support member schools to establish robust service learning programs that mutually benefit students and their community.

Part of the World Virtual School Project, AISA SchooLink provides participating member schools with a reliable and secure Learning Management System which facilitates blended learning, collaboration, networking and emergency proofing.

AISA School Support services provide member schools with a way to access a variety of technical and specialist consultants to meet a variety of needs.