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AISA Consultant Pool

Inviting AISA Member School Educators & External Consultants

AISA welcomes interest from highly skilled, experienced facilitators who are experts in their field who want to lead learning at our events.

AISA's professional learning programme currently includes an annual conference for educators, a leadership conference and many two-day deep learning institutes. See the website here for details of our current offerings.

If you are interested in facilitating professional learning at one of our events, please complete the application form below to join our consultant pool. Once we have checked the referees you provide, we will consider how we could make use of your expertise in one of our events and also share your details with our member-schools when they ask for facilitators in specific areas of expertise.

We cannot guarantee that by completing this form you will be offered a role in one of our professional learning events but we encourage you to share your details with us so we are aware of all that you have to offer.

Consultant Pool Application Form: Here