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Students from the American School of Lome share collection of Poems
Posted 30-08-2012 11:55

Graduating seniors from the American International School of Lome share a collection of poems.  

Under My Shell
by Iris Atayi

Under my shell, I daydream.
While squatting on my bed,
I thought, I feel like a new world
Full of gift.

I fear the outside
I fear my fears.

At any time,
Shy I am
unable to admit it,
My heart needs to be freed.
I pray to get out of this straitjacket,
annoying, boring,
In trying to become bold
and courageous
I try to eliminate my handicaps,
That grab me, every day of my life.

I see, I think about the havoc that calls me here.
Then I realize I have goals:

succeed without faint,
Heal without curse.
Thereby this cure, may be,
help me get rid of my pusillanimous mind.

Dream in Despair
by Michelle Bygodt

Dreams in despair are long gone,
Hopes are forever vanished,
The promises arebarns of pain,
      drops are flows of r
And whenever sun shimmers,
Seas are blessedly dark.

Today, yesterday, before,
Tomorrow is still unknown,
And when roads are listening to the w
They’re crying the before,
This eagerness happiness, now
Partnerless, fearfulness, uneasiness.

Over mountains are bright suns shining,
Speeding the disks, I
Strive to live inside this glow, I
Battle like a soldier, brawl
Triss triss triss,
Trying to evade those barking machine guns,
Running, crying and fighting.

O heaven I call on you,
Me you I’m enraged at,
Me, who you made suffer,
Stealing what you’ve given me
Drag me out of this inky hole
Assist me in my hungry hunt,
This smile to find back.

Pepper is pinching my pipe nose,
O, living memories,
Never wish you to die for I will keep you  A L I V E,
I’ve been touched in my battle,
For I try to fable my mind
You’ve made me your victim,
 I’ve been a victim, I was touched In love.

A Relationship is Born
by Michelle Bygodt

I am deep swimming into the waters.

Lust and craving, a big fish that has been fasting.
O ! walking like a shark on the ground,
Verbalizing sentences she spits out
Ever will come to me, so unsure, spitting out.

You’re running faster than sea,
Only jogging the sea is faster than you,
Unaffected, my fish mouth is waiting to catch you.


Give it up, com-m---on !
Observing you I’m,
Trying to loosen up, excited.

You entered my waters, s-l-o-w---l-y
Opened finally it.
Unarmed, I embrace you, A Relationship Is Born.

by Khiss Sylla

Departure, no longer depends on you, delivery, despair.
Birth happened so fast BANG! and I sing LALALA! and I cry BEUHHH! and I want
GLOUGLOU! and I fear OUCH! I gasp.
I sniff, my land, your hair, my life.
I have to leave I want to stay I have to know I want to sleep in my secure nest.
Thousand hands open, thousand promises in front I should try, promise to stay, we will win

More poems in the August 2012 issue of Connexions

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