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  1. Please fill out this application form in full. Partially completed applications will not be processed.
  2. Be sure to include all the uploaded documentation that supports your application.
  3. We will notify you within 5 working days upon receipt of your application if membership with AISA is likely. If your schools meets the minimum membership criteria, AISA will send you an invoice for $150.00 non-refundable application fees.
  4. Once the application fee is received by AISA, we will send you the Full Application Form.
  5. Once we receive the fully completed Application Form, we will forward this to the Membership Sub-Committee of the AISA Board. They consider new applications monthly.
  6. The Executive Director will notify you of the Board decision immediately following the Board’s action.
  7. Thank you very much for considering becoming part of the AISA Community.


    Please contact AISA at (info@aisa.or.ke) for more information


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