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School Member Fees

AISA membership fees enable the AISA secretariat to develop and implement a professional learning programme designed to meet the unique needs of your school. Your fees enable AISA to keep conference and institute costs to a minimum, enabling staff from all member schools, no matter their size, to access world class professional learning opportunities.

Below are the current school membership fees set by the AISA Board of Directors and presented to the members of the Association at the Annual General Meeting in March 2017. Note that AISA calculates fees on an annual basis (July 1 to June 30) and these dues cannot be pro-rated for applications taking place mid-year.

The annual fees for schools are determined according to school enrollment and are as follows:

Full Member Schools 2017/18 (US$)
Category AA (less than 50 students) 535
Category A (51-100 students) 1,070
Category B (101-200 students) 2,115
Category C (201-400 students) 3,410
Category D (401-600 students) 4,490
Category E (over 600 students) 5,710


Affiliate Member Schools 2017/18 (US$)
Category AA (less than 50 students) 320
Category A (51-100 students) 640
Category B (101-200 students) 1,270
Category C (201-400 students) 2,045
Category D (401-600 students) 2,695
Category E (over 600 students) 3,425