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AISA's Professional Learning Framework

As your school is working out what Professional Learning activities will drive your Strategic Plan forward, why not ask how AISA can help you!

How can we help you make the most of the limited time and resources you have available to maximize your professional learning opportunities? Where can AISA’s Professional Learning Programme take your career as you seek to improve what you do each day in school?

We recognize that school leaders, educators and co-professionals want to know how they can grow professionally. The quick answer - by engaging in our professional learning events. The new AISA Professional Learning Framework invites educators to join us as lifelong learners as we sign post the phases of growth you can move through on your journey to mastery. Our framework shows the role you might play in your own development, and how AISA and your school can support your professional growth as well.

AISA’s guiding principle is to improve student learning across our member schools. Whilst our key focus is developing students as highly capable learners, AISA recognises that to support these students we must invest in the professional learning of all the adults involved in the school. School effectiveness is underpinned by having adults who are highly skilled, continuously improving, lifelong learners.

AISA is currently finalizing our Professional Learning Framework which describes the scaffolding we use to support what we do. Professional Learning is more than attendance at an AISA event. Grounded in current research, our model is a developmental framework that supports deep learning within personalized plans that help you to make deliberate progress towards your professional learning goals.

Our intention is to work with our schools on supported implementation, guided practice and measurable outcomes that link your personal and schoolwide professional learning needs to our Professional Learning Programme.

The proposed AISA Framework offers a differentiated pathway for professional growth. It showcases excellence, celebrates success, and provides a multi-faceted evaluation toolkit by which we can measure the impact of professional learning on students’ learning and on students as learners. The AISA Professional Learning Framework below, describes the steps that you, the school and AISA will take in helping you identify and achieve your learning intentions.

AISA Professional Learning Model

What to learn more? Join the AISA Professional Learning Coordinators Community of Practice to add to discussions and shape the framework into the future.

Have some suggestions or comments on our proposed framework? We'd welcome your thoughts and suggestions.

Contact AISA's Director of Professional Learning, Graham Watts, on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.