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AISA Community

AISA is all about helping you make the connection. Whether in face to face institutes, socialising at a conference or collaborating in one of our working groups, AISA is about enabling our network of educators and leaders to exchange ideas, jointly problem solve and share resources.

To facilitate broader collaboration and networking, AISA has established a number of Communities of Practice (CoP) organised by theme or school function. This way you can join the conversations that matter to you. Get involved, ask a question, pose a problem and see how the AISA community can help.

Listed below are the current Communities of Practice open to staff of member schools to join.  More CoP are set to start following on from our Professional Learning Institutes, so check back for new groups and feel free to suggest a group.

•    Professional Learning
•    Service Learning
•    Child Protection
•    IT Coordinators
•    Wellness
•    Librarians
•    Business Managers